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Here Are My Bears
ALLEN: is a bear named after  my husband.   I designed this bear in a DESIGN YOUR OWN BEAR  class  given by Ted Menton  in  May 1998 in  Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania.
ANNA:   I  wanted  an  old looking   bear  so  I  made Anna in a DESIGN YOUR OWN BEAR class given by Martha De Raimo Burch in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania in the year 1999.
BOOMBY:   This   is Boomby.  He  is  the first teddy bear that I made.  He was born in the year 1997 while I was living in Melbourne, Australia. His pattern was designed by Marlene De Lorenzo.
ALICE:  is my version of a Marlene   De   Lorenzo pattern.    Alice   is   now living in Portland, Oregon.
BRUNO:  is a large bear and is from a pattern by  Marlene De Lorenzo.  I made him in December 2000.
GEDALYA:  is named after one of my grandsons.  His mohair was originally white but I learned to paint him during an on-line class given by Christine Charles. It was Christine's pattern also.
I made this bear in a class called OPEN  MOUTH PANDA  given by Linda  Mead   of Spare Bear Parts in Phoenix, Arizona in March 2000.
MUFFIN  AND MIKKA:     are from an on-line class given by Christine Charles. 
I made this small bear using two different colors of mohair.  She is named after my granddaughter, Devi.
ALMOST TWINS: The panda on the left is my own design and is needle felted with unspun Romney wool and the panda on the right is from a pattern called Magnolia by Barbara Irwin Shynkaryk.
Although “Leo the Lion” is not a bear, he is made from mohair so I decided to put him in my Teddy Bear section.  On June 24, 2006 I took this class that was given by Jennifer Laing.
This is a side view of “Leo the Lion”
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     I took a wonderful class with Jennifer Laing on December 2-3, 2006 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  We were able to make two open mouth bears in this class – a panda and a polar bear.  The panda was made from alpaca and the polar bear was made from mohair.  These are my bears.
Best Friends
Best Friends (Closeup)
Polar bear
I enjoy needle felting teddy bears.  These are 
small pin dolls that I made for three of my friends.
This is a picture of my friend Fran Parrigan Meehan holding the needle felted bear pin that I made for her.
I needle felted these three teddy bears using Romney Fleece.  They love having their picture taken together since they are the best of friends.  They were featured in the July 2011 issue of  "SOFT DOLLS & ANIMALS".