February 15, 2009
"Needle And Wet Felted Jewelry"
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Credit Page - see things from other people used to create this site
Credit Page - see things from other people used to create this site
    I just taught another "Needle and Wet Felted Jewelry" Class.  My students 
were Wendy Strumwasser, Micki Donch, and  Sandy Leal.

    In the morning my students took their colored fleece and rolled and shaped 
and needle felted them into round balls and geodes.   In the afternoon they 
dipped each needle felted piece into warm soapy water and rolled it in their 
hands and also on a bamboo mat.  They made each piece firm.  They then rinsed it in hot water and then cold water making sure that they removed all of 
the soap.  Then they put their felted pieces into white vinegar and water for a 
few minutes.  They washed their pieces again and squeezed each piece out, 
put it in between a towel, stepped on it to make sure the excess water was 
removed and then re-shaped their felted creations.

    For the long pieces- they took a scissor and sliced each piece about 1/4" 
thick in order to see the beautiful colors that they had rolled inside of their 
geode piece.
Wendy, Micki and Sandy (from left to right) holding their uncut geodes.
Micki, Wendy 
and Sandy 
wet felting 
their jewelry 
Wendy, Sandy 
and Micki 
holding their 
wet un - felted 
and wet felted 
geodes before 
slicing them. 
You can see 
how much the 
long pieces 
especially in 
the width, after wet felting them.
Wendy's needle and wet felted pieces.
Micki's needle and wet felted pieces
Sandy's needle and wet felted pieces