July 27 & 28, 2010
"Wet Felting A Bowl"
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Credit Page - see things from other people used to create this site
For the past year, my friend Wendy, has been wanting to learn how to make a wet felted bowl after seeing the two that I had made several years ago.  She came to my home on Tuesday and Wednesday  July 27 & 28, 2010.  We both sat in my kitchen with fleece, bowls of warm soapy water, two large rubber blow up balls, three pairs of panty hose for each one of us and towels.  We had fun coating our rubber balls with liquid soap, lots of colorful fleece, and panty hose.  When we thought that our fleece was firm enough, we took off the panty hose which kept the fleece in place and rubbed some more.  We completed our bowls in several hours.  The next day I invited her back and we each made another bowl with the left over fleece that we each had.   Wendy then went home and embellished her bowl with beads.  I was so proud of her beautiful creation.
Wendy and Maurine wet felting around a rubber ball.
Wendy deflating the rubber ball.
Wendy's wet felted bowl with 
the rubber ball still inside.
Ball removed - Day 2 -Second bowl.
Wendy's wet felted bowl - closeup.
Closeup of her bowl.
Bowl embellished.
Closeup of another side of the bowl.
Wendy's bowl - Nice and dry.
Looking at the top of her bowl.