September 3, 2011 
Las Vegas Silver Doll-er Doll Club
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Credit Page - see things from other people used to create this site
Credit Page - see things from other people used to create this site
September 23, 2012 – “Needle Felting A Teddy Bear”

      I belong to the Las Vegas Silver Doll-ers Doll club.  We meet at Glazier’s Food Marketplace the first Saturday of the month. 

     They have a large bright room on the second floor that they allow us to use for free.  At lunch time we go down to the main floor where we have so many choices of wonderful food from which we can choose.  

     On September 3, 2011, I taught my ‘NEEDLE FELTING A TEDDY BEAR” class to my doll club.  Sometimes when you plan to create one animal, it turns into another one.  Iris’ animal turned into a very cute pig.  My bear turned into a monkey.  Below are pictures that I took of my students.  
Las Vegas Silver Doll-ers creating their bears 
Las Vegas Silver Doll-ers creating their bears 
Micki Donch and Diane Barr 
Iris Pucine and Micki Donch
Dottie Millington and Maryann Thompson 
Dottie Millington and Maryann Thompson - Holding their Bears in Progress 
Iris Pucine and her adorable Needle Felted Pig 
Close-up of Iris Pucine's Needle Felted Pig
Angie Sohnly creating her 
Needle Felted Teddy Bear 
Angie Sohnly's Bear
Mary Ashcraft and Teri Duffy
Mary Ashcraft holding her Bear
Teri Duffy and her Needle Felted Bear
Diane Barr and her Bear
Diane Zammito creating her Bear
Diane Zammito's Bear in Progress
Diane Zammito's Finished Bear
Jeri Mills
Jeri Mills and her Bear
Marsha Rodenbeck working on her Bear
Marsha Rodenbeck - Her bear in progess
My Bear turned into "G the Needle Felted Monkey"