July 2014 and June 2015
Woven Tapestry  and Needle Felted Doll 
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Graciella Colmenares started making her "Woven Tapestry and Needle Felted Doll" in July 2014 while she was still in college.  After graduation, she had time to finish her doll in June 2015.

Below are pictures of her creating Anabelle her beautiful doll.  She was a wonderful student and has her doll hanging on the wall in her home.  I'm so proud of her weaving and needle felting ability.  
Weaving a skirt on a potholder loom. 
Weaving takes time.
Close-up of loom and weaving.
This is fun. 
Doll's dress is finished.
Every doll needs legs.
The legs must of stuffed.
Every doll needs arms.
The hands are attached to the arms.
Time to create a needle felted head.
Student and teacher (me) creating a head.
Time to needle felt the features on the doll.
Nose and mouth are done.
Creating the eyes.
The eyelids are added.
A little brown  fleece under the eyelids gives the eyes dimension.
All I need is hair.
She is named Anabelle.
Graciella and her doll.
Graciella and her doll, Anabelle.
Anabelle and some of the supplies used to create her.
My doll's finished, time to try some inkle weaving.
I'm enjoying this.  It's something new.