November 19, 21-22, 2015
Hannah - Introduction to Weaving
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Credit Page - see things from other people used to create this site
When I teach my classes I seem to schedule my classes around the times that my students are available.  

Those who take my "INTRODUCTION TO WEAVING CLASS" thread their looms with 4 different threading patterns and by the time they finish the class they have 60 different 3" squares of patterns to choose from for a future project if they choose.

Hannah was an excellent student.  I was so proud of what she accomplished in class.  Below you can see her at work. 
Hannah winding her warp on the warping board.
Winding takes time.
Making progress.
Tying the cross.
Warp all set to take off the warping board.
Love the colors.
Straightening out the warp.
It's looking good.
It's nice and even.
Making progress.
Threading the heddles.
Close-up of the threaded reed.
Hannah is all set to tie the warp onto the front bar.
Her warp looks great - nice and even.
Close-up of the warp.
Weaving has begun.
Weaving takes concentration.
A lot of patterns to weave.
More patterns woven on sampler.
All set to weave the next set of patterns.
Close-up of weaving.
Part of sampler unrolled.
Weaving continues.
Around her shoulders.
Hannah and her sampler.
A proud teacher, Maurine.
Side 1 of Sampler.
Side 2 of Sampler.
Hannah and Maurine.