October 15, 2016  Nancy's Family 
“Needle Felting A Teddy Bear & A Gnome”
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Credit Page - see things from other people used to create this site
Nancy Shinder’s grandchildren had come to my home last year and wanted to come back to the home of the “nice lady”. 

We arranged for them to come to my home on Saturday, October 15, 2016.
Juliana is the mom and her two sons  are Eli age 7 wearing a green shirt and Ari age 9 wearing a black shirt. 

I laid out felting foam mats and gave them each their own set of felting needles, pictures of my needle felted bears for ideas and instructions on how to needle felt. 
They rolled and poked and needle felted the bodies of their teddy bears embellishing them as they worked. They got most of the body done before lunch. 

After lunch they finished their bears and saw that their mother was designing and needle felting a gnome, so they started to make their own gnomes. 
Juliana even needle felted a wonderful angel. 

They were all so wonderful that I invited them to come back to my home for another class when they visited their grandparents again.  
Nancy and Eli.
Juliana needle felting her bear's head.
Nancy and Ari.
Busy creating.
Body parts for Ari's teddy bear.
Eli showing his needle felted ball.
Juliana's bear now has a head and arms.
Ari holding his needle felted donut.
Ari and the felted parts to his creation.
Juliana and her wonderful teddy bear.
Eli holding up his fantastic teddy bear and needle felted ball.
Ari connecting his bear's head to the body.
Nana - Grandma helping Eli with his teddy bear.
Mother Nancy and daughter Juliana creating.
Eli and Nancy needle felting.
Ari putting finishing touches on his teddy bear.
Three generations.
Ari and his teddy bear.
Juliana's needle felted teddy bear and gnome.
Eli's needle felted teddy bear.
Family of teddy bears and gnomes.
Eli and his needle felted creations.
Close-up of Eli.
Eli holding his needle felted balls.
Eli and his teddy bear.
Close-up of Ari holding his needle felted teddy bear and gnome.
Close-up of Juliana holding her bear, gnome and fairy.
Family Picture.