October 7 & 8, 2016  
Nancy – “Needle Felting A Teddy Bear”
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Credit Page - see things from other people used to create this site
Last year Nancy Shinder brought her daughter and two of her young grandson’s to my home to see the different kinds of crafts that I do.  They were fascinated with my teddy bears. 

Nancy told me recently that these two grandsons now age 7 and 9 wanted to come back to the home of the “nice lady” and they wanted to make their own teddy bears. 

So – I asked Nancy if she would like to make her own teddy bear so she could assist me when I taught her daughter and her grandsons.   These pictures show Nancy creating her cute bear she named “Bearnard”.  
Beginning to needle felt.
The teddy bear's head is taking shape.
Nancy is using a stick to hold the  fleece down so she   wouldn't stick her finger with the sharp felting needle.
Nancy and teacher (Maurine) needle felting together.
Needle felting the teddy bear's body.
Getting ready to connect the teddy bear's body to the head.
Nancy is connecting the head to the body.
The face is cute.
Embellishing the paw pads.
Finishing the bear parts.
The paw pads are finished.
Attaching the legs to the body.
Adding more fleece to its back.
Smoothing out teddy's back.
Smoothing out its arm.
Close-up of Bearnard the Teddy Bear.
Nancy  and Bearnard.