September 7, 9, 11, and 14, 2016 -  Belinda - “Introduction to Weaving”
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Credit Page - see things from other people used to create this site
Belinda McClellan recently joined our “Las Vegas Fiber Arts Guild” and came to my home for the study group – “N.W. Weavers Study Group” that meets at my home once a month where weavers, felters, knitters, spinners, embroiderers, etc. share ideas and socialize.  

One of our members told her that I teach classes so she decided to take my “Introduction to Weaving “ class.    Each session ran from about 10 A.M. to 3 P.M. each day that she came.   
I gave her a looseleaf notebook with patterns that I prepared for her.  For the 4 different threading patterns I had her make a butterfly (winding a small sample of each color of yarn into a figure 8) which I had her glue under each threading pattern .   I had her do the same for each color of yarn that she used for the weft.  By the time her weaving was finished she had 60 different weaving samples on her samplers. This way when she looks at her sampler at a future time she will know what pattern was done just by looking at her butterfly yarn samples.  

Belinda was a wonderful student.  She was very creative and learned very quickly.  I enjoyed having her as a student. 
Belinda is winding her warp on my warping board.
Warping takes time.
Last color is put on the warping board.
Looking good.
Close-up of Belinda and her warp.
Beautiful job.
Tying the cross.
The warp is ready to take off the warping board.
Belinda and her finished warp.
Warp is off the warping board.
Once the yarn is taken out of the cross, the lease sticks go into the cross.
Warp is wound onto the back of the loom,  divided through the raddle and the lease  sticks are through the shed.  All must be held nice and tight and even.
The warp must be straight before winding it onto the back of the loom.
Looks great.
Threading the heddles.
Making progress.
Heddles are all threaded.
Rear view.
Threading the reed.
Front view of threading the reed.
Her loom is alll threaded.
Belinda is making a butterfly of her yarn to put into the looseleaf notebook that I gave her.
Close-up of her making the butterfly.
Her sampler in progress.
More weaving is completed.
A happy weaver.
More weft is added.
Pull your reed forward to press in your weft.
Pulling the levers down on your loom changes the shed.
It's important to follow your instructions to weave a perfect pattern.
Weaving takes time but the result is worth it.
Close-up of finished sampler still on the loom.
Belinda's next step will be to cut her sampler off the loom.
Belinda and her sampler - Side 1.
Close-up of her sampler - Side 1.
Belinda and her sampler - Side 2.
Close-up of her sampler - Side 2.