November 5, 2017 
Graciella - “Potholder Loom Creation”
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Credit Page - see things from other people used to create this site
Graciella Comenares had taken my “Woven Tapestry and Needle Felted Doll” class July 2014 and June 2015.  She had used the 7 inch “Harrisvillle Designs Potholder Loom” for this class in order to make the doll’s body. Her pictures are on my website. 

Graciella  saw what I was weaving on my “Harrisville Designs” 10 inch “Potholder Pro” metal loom. I told her that there were two sizes of these looms. The 7 inch loom has been in existence for many years. She decided that she wanted to learn how to make the smaller version of the potholder, so, on November 5, 2017 she came to my home. 
On Harrisville Designs website you will be able to design your potholder according to color and design that is there.  They also give you 24 different patterns on this site that you can use.  Just pick your colors and see your design come to life in front of you.  

Below are pictures of Graciella creating her wonderful potholder plus I added one picture of what I had created on the 10 inch loom. 
Graciella is weaving the loops according to a pattern on her Harrisville Potholder Loom.
This is fun.
You pull the weft loops through the warp loops very carefully.
Make sure the loops are pressed close to the loops that are already on the loom.
Look at the woven design that Graciella is weaving.
The weaving part is completed.
Close-up of her design on the loom.
This is the pattern that Graciella used for her design and the tools she used for this project.
Graciella is using a crochet hook to carefully take her potholder off 
the loom by sliding one loop into another loop and pulling it through.
Great job.
Close-up of her finished potholder.
Harrisville Designs has two size Potholder Looms, a 7 inch and a 10 inch. They are metal looms.
These are the potholders that I, Maurine, made so far on the 10 inch loom.
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