October 24, 26, 30 and 
November 1 and 7, 2017  
Dale - “Introduction to Weaving”
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Credit Page - see things from other people used to create this site
This is the second class that Dale Thall took from me.  Her first class was called “California Rag Wall Doll”.  She took it on March 2-24, 2017.  Her pictures are on my website. 

Dale was recommended to me by her friend Nancy Shinder who took six of my classes including one where her daughter and her 7 and 9 year old grandsons learned how to needle felt. Their pictures are on my website too. 

Dale loves to do macramé and so do I.  That is why Nancy introduced her to me.
For this class I taught Dale how to make yarn butterflies around two of her fingers.  These butterflies are glued in the looseleaf  notebook that I give each one of my students. They show what yarn she will be warping her loom with and which yarn she will be weaving with which is called  weft. 

She threaded her loom with 4 different colors of 5/2 pearl cotton each a different weaving pattern.  By the time her sampler was finished she had 60 different patterns completed and by having the yarn butterflies in her notebook next to each threading draft she could go back anytime and look at her sampler and say “Oh I want to weave that pattern” and have all of the information that she would need. 

Dale was a wonderful student and I enjoyed teaching her very much.
Dale is winding 4 butterflies of yarn which 
show the colors she will be using for her warp. 
A butterfly is a figure 8 shape made around 2 fingers on your hand.
She glued her 4 butterflies on the page for her warp.
Dale is winding her warp on my warping board and just made the cross 
which is the most important part of threading the loom.  She will be 
winding two and a half yards using 4 different colors for her warp.
Progress is being made.
Looking good.  The blue yarn on the front of the warp is used for counting groups of 20 threads.
Side view - great colors of warp.
Job well done.
The warp is finished and looks great.
The cross is tied and so are the two long sections of warp.
The warp is taken off the warping board by making a chain.
Lease sticks are put into the chain to keep the cross in place.
The lease sticks are placed on the loom and so is the raddle, which is used for spacing 
the warp.  The warp is wound onto the back of the loom, separated with craft paper.
Dale is standing at the front of the loom holding the warp 
 tightly so it can be wound evenly onto the back of the loom.
Closeup of the back of the loom.
You can see the warp coming evenly through the lease sticks 
so winding onto the back of the loom will be nice and even.
This is a close-up of the front of the loom. 

The loom is ready to be threaded with the 4 different patterns.  
Close-up of the back of the loom.
Dale is threading the heddles which will give her the patterns that she wants.
She is almost finished threading her second set of patterns.
View from the back of the loom.
One more color to thread through the heddles.
All of the warp is threaded according to the 4 different patterns that I gave her.
Great job.  A happy student.
Looks great.
Threading the reed which determines the number of threads per inch.  The reed is also the beater.
Front view of threading the reed.
Two colors are threaded.
Dale is threading her third warp through the reed.
The reed is all threaded.
Dale is tying her warp onto the cloth beam with a double half hitch.
Double half hitches are completed.
Close-up of double half hitches.
Bows are tied on top of the double half hitches.
Waste yarn woven next to close spaces at the beginning of the warp.
The waste yarn is on the shuttle which goes through the shed.
Beating the weft down with the reed  is important.
Dale is winding the bobbin with the next color that she will be using.
Weaving the patterns have begun.
Looks wonderful.
Dale puts the bobbin into the shuttle when 
she is ready to weave with that color.
Close-up of Dale's first four sections of her weaving.
More samples are woven.
Dale is preparing her next color to weave and is gluing her color sample into her looseleaf book.
Following her weaving pattern for her weft is so important.
Dale's pattern for her next section of her sampler.
Dale is checking off her pattern after each  row of weaving.
Concentration is very important.
Looking Good.
Dale has finished her wonderful sampler.
Dale and her Sampler Side 1.
Dale and her Sampler Side 2.
Sampler side 1.
Sampler side 2.
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