February 7, 10, 28 and March 1, 2019 
Elise - "Introduction to Weaving” 
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Credit Page - see things from other people used to create this site
Elise Averett wanted to learn how to weave. We arranged dates for her to come to my home, however, this winter Las Vegas had quite a bit of snow and traffic accidents so the dates we originally picked out had to change. 

The first thing that I taught Elise was to wind 4 different colors of butterflies of 5/2 pearl cotton which she would glue into the notebook that I gave her. These butterflies represent the 4 colors of her warp. Each color would be threaded according to a different pattern. By the time her sampler would be finished she would have 60 different patterns.

Next we went over to my warping board and I taught her how to wind the four colors of her warp, how to count her warp as she wound it, make a cross and tie the cross with 5 strands of yarn. After that was completed she learned how to remove her warp by making a chain. 
From there she attached her warp onto the back beam of the loom, placed her warp into a raddle which separated her warp into about one inch spaces and wound it on the back of the loom by putting craft paper in between each layer.

Next she threaded the heddles for her four different patterns and then threaded the reed which determines how many threads per inch there will be. The reed is also used as a beater. She then tied her warp onto the front of the loom and started to weave.

Elise was a wonderful student. I enjoyed teaching her what I know. She said she wants to come back to my home to learn more about weaving and needle felting too. 
Winding a butterfly.
The four butterflies represent her four warp colors.
< - >
Elise is winding her warp on my warping board.
She's winding color two.
Color two completed.
Color three is completed.
Color four is wound.
For counting she winds yarn around every 20 warps.
Close-up of cross.
Cross is tied in 5 places.
Warp is all set to take off warping board.
A chain is made as warp is removed from warping board.
Lease sticks are placed into cross of chain.
Close-up of cross on loom with lease sticks in place.
Placing the warp into a raddle which spaces the warp by the inch.
Straightening the warp out is very important.
The warp is separated by paper rolled onto the back beam of loom.
Warp is cut and then threaded through the heddles.
All four colors are cut.
Color 1 is threaded through the 
heddles for her first pattern.
She is threading color 2 for her next pattern.
Rear view of threading.
A happy weaver.
She keeps a record of her pattern.
Color 3 is being threaded.
Color 3 is threaded - front view of loom.
Rear view of loom.
Threading color 4 - rear view.
Threading color 4.
Front view - All 4 colors are 
threaded through the heddles.
Rear view.
The reed is in place. It determines threads 
per inch and is also used as a beater.
Threading the reed.
Back view of the threaded reed.
The reed is all threaded.
Close-up of threaded reed.
Tying warp onto front beam.
Nice and neat.
Rear view.
Tying bows to tighten warp.
Great job Elise.
All set to weave.
Waste yarn is woven in.
Winding the weft on a bobbin.
Making a butterfly for 
the weft for her notebook.
She enters her colors for 
her weft into her notebook.
She puts her shuttle through the shed for her weaving.
Pressing the levers on the loom changes her pattern.
Weaving progresses.
A happy weaver.
More patterns completed.
Picture of loom.
Close-up of her notebook.
A proud weaver - side view.
Rear view.
Wonderful progress.
Beautiful patterns.
Sampler is coming off the loom.
Side 1 of sampler.
Side 2 of sampler.
Elise and her sampler, Side 1.
Elise and her sampler, Side 2.