June 11, 13, 14, and 17, 2019 
Susan - "Introduction to Weaving” 
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Credit Page - see things from other people used to create this site
   Susan DiRocco found me through the “Las Vegas Fiber Arts Guild” at one of our meetings. She wanted to learn how to weave.  I sent her an email explaining what she would learn in my “Introduction to Weaving” class. 

It said that she would learn how to warp a loom with 4 different colors of warp. Each color would be threaded differently and by the time the class was over she will have woven 60 different patterns. 

She would be given a loose leaf notebook and into that she would glue butterflies that I would teach her how to make. These butterflies are wraps made around the fingers in a figure 8 style. These would represent the warp and weft yarns that she will be weaving with. 
She will learn how to wind her warp on my warping board and take it off the board by making a chain. From there she will wind it onto the back of the loom, thread the warp through the heddles on the front of the loom, then the reed and finally tie it onto the front beam of the loom. 

From there using patterns that are in her notebook she will weave each sampler somewhere between 2 ½” to about 3”. Susan was an excellent student. I enjoyed teaching her how to weave.  
Susan is winding a butterfly.
 Looks great.
Her butterflies represent her 4 warp colors.
< - >
# of warp ends and colors 
are marked on these 4 sheets.
Susan is counting her warp 
ends on my warping board.
Every 20 warp ends are counted 
and separated by a colored yarn.

Color 2 is warped.
Color 3 is being counted.
Color 3 is finished.
Color 4 is being wound.
Color 4 is completed.
The cross in pink yarn is tied in 5 places for this picture.
Chain is made when taking warp off warping board.
Lease sticks are put through cross tied with yellow yarn.
Lease sticks are tied on front and back of loom.
Warp is wound onto the back of the loom.
Warp is wound onto the back of the loom.
Side View.
Warp is straightened out on front of loom 
before winding it onto the back of the loom.
Warp ends are cut before threading them through the heddles.
Heddles are threaded according to the pattern. Color 1 - Front view.
Rear view.
Great job - Color 1 is threaded.
Close-up of Color 1.
Threading Color 2 - Front view.
Threading Color 2 - Rear view.
Close-up of Colors 1 and 2.
Wonderful job Susan.
Close-up of threaded Colors 1 & 2 - Rear view.
A happy weaver.
Color 3 is being threaded - Rear view.
All warps are threaded - Front view.
Rear view.
Warps are threaded through the heddles.
Reed is being threaded. It determines 
# of threads per inch - Front view.
Rear view.
Side view.
Getting ready to tie warp onto front beam of loom.
Susan is ready for the next step.
Tying a half hitch onto the front beam of loom.
Looking great.
Levers are raised. Checking to 
make sure everything is correct.
Bows are tied around warps.
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Rear view of loom.
Waste yarn is woven in to bring 
all warp ends closer together.
Winding a bobbin on my yarn winder 
to be placed into a shuttle for weaving.
First color to weave is brown.
First two colors are woven.
Color 3 is woven.
Levers are pulled down to form a shed that 
the shuttle goes through to create the pattern.
Weaving continues.
Susan makes butterflies to glue in her notebook to 
know which color went with which woven pattern.
Butterflies are glued into her 
notebook next to the pattern used.
She marks down the warp 
colors used next to the treadling.
Weaving continues.
Choosing her next weft color.
Susan started her sampler with waste 
yarn and ended her sampler with waste yarn.
A happy weaver.
Great job Susan.
Susan cuts her sampler off the loom.
Susan and her sampler - Side 1.
Susan and her sampler - Side 2.
Side 1.
Side 2.