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Credit Page - see things from other people used to create this site
October 27, 2019 - Morgan, Carolyn & Frank 
“Needle Felting on a Bag”
Carolyn Oakley, Frank Dunks and I are members of the Las Vegas Fiber Arts Guild. Last month I brought in several bags where I had needle felted flowers, a shuttle, a quilt design and more for show and tell at our Guild meeting. 

Several days later I received a telephone call from Carolyn that she want to bring her 8 year old neighbor, Morgan, to my home to learn how to needle felt. 

On October 27th Carolyn, Morgan and Frank came to my home. Carolyn and Morgan were my students. I had a felting needle tool, a felting needle mat and other supplies for them to use. 

I worked on my teddy bear bag while they were at my home. 

Below you can see them create and their finished and wonderful bags. I told them that they are always welcome to come to my home and bring Morgan with them again. 
Morgan cutting out her pattern.
Frank watching designs come alive.
Carolyn planning her design.
Morgan planning her flower design.
< - >
Morgan starting to needle felt.
Needle felting is fun.
Morgan is enjoying learning how to needle felt.
Fantastic felting.
Morgan's flowers in progress.
All finished. Great job Morgan.
Frank is planning his next weaving project.
Carolyn, a happy needle felter.
Carolyn is about to take a picture of her needle felting.
Carolyn's teddy bear in progress.
Frank, Morgan, and Carolyn.
Morgan and Carolyn - Their needle felting is wonderful.
Close-up of Morgan's and Carolyn's needle felting.
Maurine's teddy bear bag.