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Credit Page - see things from other people used to create this site
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Kathrin Weber taught a class to our weaving guild, the "Southern Nevada Handweavers and Spinners Guild, Inc.", also called "Las Vegas Fiber Arts Guild" on November 6-7, 2010.  I wove my piece in a Rep Weave.    I  decided to make a doll and give her a Rep Weave skirt and then needle felted her head and made a needle felted baby for her to hold.
Kathrin - Rep Weave Skirt and Needle Felted Head and Baby
"Handwoven Magazine" has so many opportunities to learn.  One of them is their . I decided to join their "Weave-Along" and weave a Block Twill.  I love to make dolls so I created  "Amy".   She is wearing her block twill dress. 
I needle felted her head and the flower that she is holding. 
"MAURINE THE BATON TWIRLER" is a doll that I designed.  I wove her skirt on my peg loom, needle felted her head and needle and then wet felted the baton that she is holding.  I decided to name her after me since I still enjoy twirling my baton.
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BILL THE BROWN BEAR -  I needle felted "BILL" with a merino mix fleece.  Shown are a front and a side view of this brown bear. 
NEEDLE FELTED BEARS -  I've been asked to teach a 
NEEDLE FELTING A BEAR class to the Las Vegas Silver 
Dollers Doll club on September 3, 2011.  This is a sampling 
of the kind of bear that they will be making.
"SUNSHINE THE NEEDLE FELTED PANDA" -  "Sunshine" is a needle felted panda that I created.  He enjoys looking at everyone that walks by.

CHUCKY THE DALMATION - I needle felted this dog using Romney fleece.  He is busy howling at something he sees.
G THE MONKEY -  "G the Monkey" started out as a bear but ended up looking like a monkey.  I guess he felt that I had too many needle felted bears in my house and decided to be special and became a cute and bright colored monkey.
"TINA THE MOMMA BEAR" - "Tina" is all set to go out with her friends . She is wearing her favorite hat and is holding her matching pocketbook.  She even put matching buttons on the front of her body.
"PATTI AND BETH THE GOLDEN RETRIEVERS" -  I needle felted these momma and baby Golden Retriever dogs using Romney fleece.  I used little round black beads for the center of their eyes and put a drop of white paint in the center of each bead to give their eyes a "sparkle of life".
"Mr. "G" THE NEEDLE FELTED MUSCLEMAN" - This is a closeup of Mr. "G" my needle felted muscleman.
"GEDALYA AND HIS WORKOUT PARTNER, MR. "G" -  I needle felted. Mr. "G" to be a workout partner for my grandson, Gedalya.  Mr."G" wants to be big and strong like Gedalya so he's lifting his needle felted weights.  I named him Mr. "G" because people who can't pronounce Gedalya call him "G".  
The Sun City Quilt Guild will be having a holiday party this December.  Two to three members of the Embellishment Group (E-Belles) are each assigned a table to decorate.  I said that I would make a centerpiece for the table that I'm assigned to.  I decided to needle felt a Santa Claus.  This is what I created.
Joanne Tallarovic taught a class to the Las Vegas Fiber Arts  Guild on September 16-18, 2011 on Rep Weave.  I told Joanne that I would make a doll and dress her in the fabric that I  wove using the techniques that I learned in her class and I would name this doll after her.

The weaving pattern for Joanne's dress is called "Desert Rose".   She is an all cloth doll with a needle felted face.   She is carrying a basket filled with fleece.
LOVE IS FOREVER -  I needle felted this senior citizen couple.  They have been married for many years and are still very much in love.
"Diana" is a 31" cloth doll that I created.  I wove her blouse on my loom in the "Krokbragd" weaving technique and then needle felted her head.
I took a class with Nadine Sanders called "Rumpelstitskin Delight - Double Warp Overlay for Rugs and Table Linens" on October 19-21, 2012.  We learned how to weave three layers on the same warp - an Upper Ground, a Lower Ground, and a Pattern Inlay.

Since I usually turn my samples into clothes for the dolls that I create, meet "NADINE".  Her green blouse shows the pattern inlay that I wove.  I sewed her body, needle felted her head and crocheted her hat, bag, cuffs on her legs and arms.
"Pearl" is a needle felted doll holding a bouquet of needle felted flowers.
This is a picture showing my "Love Is Forever" couple and the blue ribbon (1st place winner) that it received at the "Quilt Las Vegas 2013" show that was sponsored by the Desert Quilters of Nevada.  It was held at the Henderson Convention Center on April 26-28, 2013.  

Our doll club, the "Las Vegas Silver Doll-ers", always has a table at the quilt show.  The quilters tell us that it is a huge hit with the people who come to see this wonderful show and the over 300 entries that they have each year.
I love needle felting because I can change any part of the body that I want.  I changed "Diana's" eyes from brown to blue, took some of the rouge off her cheeks, needle felted on top of her original all cloth hands and re-touched other parts of her face.  You can say I gave her what you would say to a human being, plastic surgery.
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Here are items that I have made recently while staying at home due to Covid-19.

I signed up at the website, "Bear Creek Felting" and by watching the videos on it I created "Allen the Elephant" and "Goldie the Giraffe".

"Coastal Waters" was created from a kit I purchased from "The Woolery". The technique is called "Painting with Wool" or "Needle Felting" It was so much fun bringing this scene to life.
Allen the Elephant
Goldie the Giraffe
Coastal Waters