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Credit Page - see things from other people used to create this site
Winter 2023 - Arts and Crafts with Grandma Maurine - Chaya Nessa
Winter 2023 - Arts and Crafts with Grandma Maurine - Chaya Nessa

Chaya Nessa is now 20 years old. She wanted to once again fly to Las Vegas to be at her Grandma Maurine 
and Grandpa Allen's home. She spent a week with us from January 5th to January 12, 2023.  

She wanted to weave a scarf on one of my looms. She picked out the colors that she wanted and started to prepare her yarn for weaving.

Below are the step-by-step pictures of her process of weaving.
Chaya Nessa is beginning to wind 
her warp on the warping board.
Winding takes time.
Counting her warp.
Tying the center cross.
Tying the other 4 sections on the top of the warp.
All 5 sections are tied for the cross.
Tying the other 3 sections of warp 
to keep everything in place.
All tied up.
Close-up of warp on warping board.
Warp is off the warping board and lease sticks are placed into the cross.
Cord is put into the holes on 
each side of the lease sticks.
Raddle is placed onto the back of the loom 
to keep the warp nice and even when 
winding onto the back of the loom.
Lease sticks which hold the cross
 are placed onto the back of the
 loom in front of the raddle.
The warp is separated on the raddle 
and passes through the lease sticks.
Next step is winding the warp 
onto the back of the loom.
The heddles which determine the 
pattern you want are now threaded.
A happy weaver.
Back view of the heddles being threaded according to a pattern.
Next step is to thread the 
reed which determines the number of threads per inch.
The warp is now tied 
onto the front of the loom.
Using a bobbin winder enables 
you to wind your weft and place 
it into a shuttle for weaving.
The bobbin that she just wound is 
now in her shuttle which she puts 
through the shed to form her pattern.
Weaving takes time and concentration.
She follows the instructions 
from her pattern step-by-step.
A very happy weaver.
Looking wonderful.
Great job.
The order of pressing the levers
 on the loom determine the pattern.
Once you put the shuttle through the shed you take the reed and beat down what you just wove.
Here is the shuttle going 
through the shed again.
Beautiful weave.
The scarf is finished and now you
 have to begin to take it off the loom.
Chaya Nessa is now using a yarn twister
 to give the finished warp a nice look.
Beautiful finished scarf.
One way to wear it.
Another way to wear a beautiful scarf. Great job.
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