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Our Grandson, Peter, who is now almost 21 years old, came to visit us in Las Vegas June 1-5, 2021. He had visited us the year before. I asked him if he would like to weave on my looms once again. He said “YES”. 

I decided this time to teach him some tapestry weaving techniques. I gave him a “Beginner’s Wooden Loom” sold by “Discount School Supply”, a pattern that I designed and heavy yarn that I had cut into 12” lengths. I taught him how to follow the pattern. He did a fantastic job weaving. He is a very quick learner. He wove this on Wednesday, June 2nd. 

He had woven on my Leclerc Dorothy table loom the last time he came and I had left the weaving that he had previously done on the loom, so, he continued to weave the pattern once again. When I had threaded the loom I put enough warp on the loom to weave a long scarf. He wove on this loom on Thursday, June 3rd. 

He wove for a while and then I asked him if he would like to weave on my large Toika computerized loom. He said “YES”. I explained to him that the loom works off a computer that is attached to the loom. I had downloaded my weaving pattern onto the computer so as you press the one foot pedal that is attached to the loom the shafts go up and down according to the pattern programmed into it. I just love this loom. 

The next day, Friday, June 4th I let him weave on my Leclerc Voyager loom for a while and then taught him how to needle felt. I gave him 2 pieces of felt to use as a background, a huge bag of all different colors of fleece and a “Clover Needle Felting Tool” to use. I taught him how to safely use this tool.  

I’m so proud of Peter. When he returns to Las Vegas to visit us hopefully next year he said he wants to continue weaving again.  

Peter's wooden loom, instructions and yarn.
Peter starting to weave his tapestry.
Peter and his teacher, Grandma Maurine.
He is holding his finished tapestry.
< - >
Closeup of Peter's fantastic tapestry.
Weaving on my Leclerc Dorothy Loom.
He makes a dot on the 
instructions after weaving a row.
A happy weaver.
Peter is now weaving on my 
Toika computerized loom.
He is putting the shuttle through the shed.
He's enjoying the weaving.
The loom is big and the warp is wide.
Weaving on my Leclerc Voyager loom.
Peter learning how to needle felt.
Needle felting is fun.
Needle felting in progress.
Peter holding his finished needle felting.
Close-up of his wonderful creation.