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My granddaughter, Devorah, now 13 years old, flew by herself from Texas to 
Las Vegas to spend three weeks with her Grandma Maurine and her Grandpa 

I've called Devorah since she was very little "My clone with magic hands".  She 
can weave, felt, quilt, do macrame, needle punch, do cross stitch, make dolls 
and anything else that her heart desires.

These are some of the crafty things that she made in the three weeks that she 
spent with us.  Also during this time she took a two day class with my friend, 
Fran Parrigan Meehan, and made her "Nature's Beauty" doll.  She also took a 
one day class with another friend, Linda Spicer and made a "Tea Time" quilt.
Devorah wanted to make a needle and wet 
felted picture.  First she needle felted her 
fleece into the design that she wanted in 
order to hold it together.  Then she put it 
into a large ziplock bag and added hot 
water and soap. She then rubbed and 
rubbed.  When she was all finished and 
her piece was dry, she added needle 
felted flowers to the bottom of her piece.
Weaving on her peg loom. Devorah 
decided to keep busy flying from Texas 
to Vegas so she wove on her peg  loom. 
This is a piece in progress.
On July 6th and July 8, 2009, Devorah took a wonderful class given by my friend, Fran Parrigan 
Meehan and made her  "Nature's Beauty".  In this class she took Paverpol which hardens fabric 
and created this beautiful doll.
The last time I went to Texas I taught Devorah how to macrame.  Last time she 
made a bracelet.  This time she made a macrame bag using handles and cord 
that I bought in the 1970's when macrame was big.
Making her macrame bag.
Another view of her creating her bag.
Devorah's macrame bag - front view.
Devorah's macrame bag - rear view.
Closeup of macrame bag.
Front View
Rear view
Closeup of her woven Inkle loom piece.
When Devorah was 3 years old I taught her how to weave on a 4 harness 
table loom.  This was the first time that she wove on an Inkle loom.  An inkle 
loom is used to make narrow bands or belts.  Instead of wearing her woven 
piece as a belt she decided to wear it around her neck.
Weaving on an Inkle loom.
Closeup of her woven Inkle piece.
Devorah is wearing her Inkle loom piece. 
It's fun to needle felt onto sneakers.  These are some of the designs that she needle felted.
Devorah and I each took Fran Parrigan Meehan's "Nature's Beauty" class 
separately.  Hers is in pink and  mine is in brown, gold and green.  Since 
she is "My clone with magic hands" I wanted to take a picture of our  two 
dolls side by side.  It's hard to believe that she is only 13 years old.
Devorah is sewing the pieces together for her "Tea Time" Quilt that she made 
with instructor Linda Spicer.   The pattern for this quilt was designed by Rachel 
Shelburne, found in Fons & Porter's "Love of  Quilting"- May/June 2006.
Devorah did a blanket stitch around each cup and teapot.  She used 2 
strands of black embroidery floss to  do this stitch.
Devorah's quilt is almost completed.  All she has 
to do is sew the binding to the back of her quilt.