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Our creative grandchildren and our daughter came to visit us June 14-23, 2016. 
Yaakov Zev is now 10 years old. Chaya Nessa is 13 and Devorah is 20. 

Yaakov Zev wanted to finish the soldier whom he named “Lieutenant George” that he 
started to make on his last visit to us. Below are pictures of him putting the final touches 
on his creation. Yaakov Zev also loves macramé.  You can see him starting to make his 
square knots and spirals. 

Chaya Nessa enjoys weaving on my loom.  Here she is weaving on my LeClerc 15 ¾” 
wide 8 shaft Voyager loom.   The pattern is from “Best of Weavers- Overshot Is Hot”, 
edited by Madelyn van der Hoogh, pages 20-21 “Friendship treadlings for a wall 
hanging” by Erica de Ruiter. 

Devorah has two creative loves at this time.  One is crochet and her new love is 
learning how to make Landscape Quilts.  I had a wonderful quilter, Pat Conway, come 
to our home and spend a few hours with her teaching her how to cut, attach Soft Fuse 
Preminum onto the back of her quilt pieces, sew the pieces together, attach batting and 
backing to her piece and finally how to sew and embellish her quilt. 

Once she finished this piece she decided a couple of days later to design her own quilt. 
 She didn’t have time to finish her quilt at my home but she will finish it when she 
returns to her home. 

Our daughter, Zlati, brought a needlepoint that she started years ago.  I’m so proud of 
her too. 

Below you can see all of the creative things that they did on this trip.  I hope you enjoy 
looking at these pictures. 
Yaakov Zev, age 10, is designing 
a template for his soldier's jacket.
He is cutting his template.
He is pinning his template onto the fabric.
Yaakov Zev is cutting out his fabric.
He is altering the jacket on his soldier.
Now he is trimming the jacket. 
In the background is Devorah 
and her teacher Pat Conway.
Yaakov Zev is making sure the jacket fits perfectly.
He is designing more parts for his soldier.
Yaakov Zev is adding finishing touches to his soldier.
He works carefully.
He makes sure everything is perfect.
Yaakov Zev  is attaching stripes to the legs of his soldier.
He is fixing up his soldier's needle felted head and Chaya Nessa 
is twisting the fringe on her weaving with my fringe twister.
Yaakov Zev is holding up his soldier's needle felted head.
Yaakov Zev is adjusting his soldier's belt.  He needle 
felted the head during his visit during the Summer 2015.
Yaakov Zev - A proud designer.
Yaakov Zev - A happy designer.
Lieutenant George is happy to be finished and gives Yaakov Zev a hug.
Lieutenant George wants to show off 
his back.  He looks nice and slim.
Yaakov Zev loves macrame.
He loves making square knots and spirals.
Chaya Nessa loves to color.
Coloring through my inkle looms.
Chaya Nessa, age 13,  is weaving an Overshot Pattern on my 8 shaft LeClerc Voyager Loom.
Lifting the proper levers is very important.
Chaya Nessa - Weaving continues.
The shuttle goes through the shed.
Close-up of her weave.
Another close-up of Chaya Nessa's weaving.
Weaving is fun.
Different patterns to weave.
A happy weaver.
Close-up of Chaya Nessa twisitng the end warps with my fringe twister.
Chaya Nessa holding her woven sampler.
Her sampler is finished and she is happy. 
Close-up of her sampler.
Close-up of Chaya Nessa and her sampler.
Devorah, now age 20, is working on her Landscape Quilt.
She is cutting out and ironing Soft Fuse Preminum onto the back of her fabric.
Time to trim the selvedges of her mini quilt piece.
Trimming continues.
Putting your name and date on the back of your piece is important.
Finishing touches are important.
Pat Conway  was  Devorah's Landscape quilt teacher.
Devorah and her finished piece.
Devorah is holding her finished Landscape Quilt.
Devorah holding the reverse 
side of her Landscape Quilt.
Close-up of Devorah's finished Landscape Quilt.
Reverse side of Devorah's finished Landscape Quilt.
Devorah decided to design her own Landscape Quilt.
She's cutting out her designs.
And adding more people to her creation.
She's stitching her designs onto her base fabric.
Here is her work in progress.
Close-up of her design.
Devorah and the reverse side of her design.
You can see the quilting that she has done from the back of her fabric.
This is a picture of 3 of my grandchildren creating in my Studio B.  Chaya Nessa, Yaakov Zev, Devorah and my daughter, Zlati, are all busy at work.
Zlati is working on her needlepoint.
Close-up of Zlati and her needlepoint.
Devorah and Zlati are busy creating.
Here is my daughter and my husband, Allen.
Chaya Nessa and Devorah  June 17, 2016.
Krycer girls wearing their new scarves.