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My daughter and her four children, my grandchildren, came to visit us from December 20, 2009 to January 3, 2010.  The first week that they were with 
us they spent time being very creative- weaving, felting and sewing.  
Yaakov Zev is now 4 years old, Chaya Nessa is 7, Devorah is 13 and Gedalya is 17. Gedalya took all of the photos of their creations.  He is my 
official photographer when he's with us.
Below are photos that show them at work and their final creations.
Chaya Nessa at work on her inkle loom.
Chaya Nessa is weaving 
on my 2 treadle inkle loom.
Chaya Nessa is wearing 
her woven inkle piece.
Chaya Nessa weaving on my Structo Loom.
Closeup of Structo Loom.
Devorah is using an umbrella swift to hold her yarn and as it 
goes around and around she is using a yarn winder to make 
a stackable center-pull ball of yarn.
Devorah winding yarn
Chaya Nessa holding 
her woven wall hanging.
Devorah weaving on my Dorothy loom.
Closeup of Devorah weaving.
BUBBY GITTEL MAKING CHALLAH FOR SHABBOS.  Devorah loves to needle felt.  She 
decided to needle felt a bubby (grandmother) baking challah (Challah is a bread that can be 
braided).  Bubby is needle felted with Romney wool.  A soda can is wrapped and then glued 
in black felt for the stand for the table.  The wooden table top is covered with a woven piece 
that Devorah wove on my Dorothy loom.  The bread is needle felted.  The whole creation is 
attached to a wooden base.
Devorah's needle felting her doll.
Devorah's felted bubby.
Devorah's Needle Felted Creation.
Devorah and her needle felted creation.
I was told that Yaakov Zev loved anything on wheels.  I bought 3 different patterns of 
flannel fabric with trucks on them.  Before they arrived at my home I pre-cut this fabric into 
12 1/2" squares and made a template how they should be sewn together.  Yaakov Zev 
worked the sewing machine foot pedal.  He had just turned 4 three weeks before so I 
controlled the fabric.  Everytime I told him to stop sewing he said RED LIGHT and when I 
wanted him to begin sewing again he said GREEN LIGHT.  He was very concerned that I 
should get my fingers out of the way when I was removing the pins.  He loves his soft and 
cuddly quilt and so does his brother and sisters.
When Yaakov Zev entered my home he saw all kinds of tempting wheels and knobs 
related to weaving.  I let him try them all.  He wanted to weave so I let him use my 
Dorothy loom since it was all set up.  I worked the hand levers since they were so 
hard to press and he did the weaving.  He loved it.  Here is a photo of him creating 
on the loom.
Yaakov Zev hard at work.
Grandma Maurine and Yaakov Zev sewing his quilt.
Yaakov Zev's finished flannel quilt.
Yaakov Zev weaving.
Gedalya is my oldest grandson and Chaya Nessa is my 
youngest granddaughter.  Here they are in my Studio.
Gedalya and Chaya Nessa in my studio.
Gedalya is a professional photographer.  He makes the most fantastic slideshows 
and turns them into productions.  I had him take photos of all of my dolls and bears 
and other animals.  His pictures make everything stand out and look fabulous.  He 
will be making a slideshow for me as soon as I send him the photos that I want 
included in the slideshow.
Gedalya- My Personal Photographer.
Gedalya- taking pictures.
Gedalya the Photographer.