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Our daughter and our two youngest grandchildren came to visit us December 23-31, 2013.

Yaakov Zev, now age 8, wanted to weave on the loom with the most magnets .  This was 
my 16 shaft Voyager table loom which has levers on it that are pressed down and held by 
magnets.   The pattern for weaving is determined by the threading of the warp which are 
the threads that are vertical on a loom and the order that the levers or treadles on a floor 
loom are depressed which form the pattern. 
Devorah, who is 18 years old now is an expert crocheter.  I had taught her 
the basics years ago and now she crochets baby blankets and booties for 
newborns, scarves, toys and so many wonderful things.  She knows how 
to weave, felt, sew, quilt, do macrame and all the things that I love to do. 
Yaakov Zev also wanted to make something on my sewing machine.  
I found some denim fabric in my stash and he sewed a wonderful bag 
with compartments in it to hold his prize possessions. 
During the week Yaakov Zev learned macrame - how to make square knots and spirals. 
Yaakov Zev is the third drummer in our family.  Our oldest son, B.J., plays the drums 
professionally and Yaakov Zev's older brother, Gedalya, age 21, plays the drums too.  
Yaakov Zev is so happy to be weaving.
The shuttle goes through the shed.
Weaving is fun.
Yaakov sewing his bag.
A happy sewer.
Some hand sewing is necessary.
Inside of Yaakov Zev's Bag.
All Finished.
Close-up of Yaakov Zev's bag.
Yaakov Zev the Drummer.
Yaakov Zev playing the drums.
There are lots of knots to learn in macrame.
Chaya Nessa Pearl is now 11 years old.  She wanted to make doll clothes that she could put 
on and take off her doll.  In the past she had been designing her own dolls and weaving the 
fabric for their clothes, however the woven clothes were permanently attached to her doll.
It's fun sewing clothes for a doll.
A happy girl creating.
Chaya Nessa holding her doll.
Close-up of Chaya Nessa's doll's clothes.
Chaya Nessa also enjoys needle felting.  She needle felted a cute little bear on a denim bag.
Chaya Nessa holding her needle felted bag.
Close-up of Chaya Nessa's bag.
One of her favorite looms in my home is my 2 shaft Inkle loom.  Here she is 
weaving a blue, green, red and gold belt.  Yaakov Zev wove on this loom too.
Chaya Nessa is winding the shuttle before weaving.
She is weaving on the floor inkle loom.
Close-up of the weaving.
She also wove on my 16 shaft Voyager loom and had fun 
pulling down 8 levers at a time to form a wonderful pattern.
A lot of levers to pull down on  the loom with 16 shafts.
A lot more weaving to do.
Gedalya is studying Graphic Design at the Art Institute of Las Vegas and has 
been living with us for 4 years now.  We are so proud of him.  He is so very 
creative and talented and can design the most wonderful things on the computer.
Gedalya designing on his computer.
Gedalya showing his mom, our daughter, one of his finished school projects.
Devorah's crocheted scarves on display.
Devorah the crocheter.
Playing checkers is fun.
Chaya Nessa and Yaakov Zev.
Yaakov Zev, Gedalya & Chaya Nessa.