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Chaya Nessa who is now 12 years old, Yaakov Zev, now 9 years old and my daughter came to visit us from December 24, 2014 - January 4, 2015.
During this visit Chaya Nessa enjoyed doing macrame. 
 She made a beautiful pink and turquoise necklace.
Making a macrame necklace.
Macrame necklace in progress.
Closeup of her macrame necklace.
Wearing her macrame necklace.
Laying fleece for a wet felted necklace 
and needle felting it together.
Rolled up fleece for necklace. See how fat it is.
As I add water and soap and roll it, it shrinks.
It's shrinking.
I slice pieces & thread them with needle.
My finished needle and wet felted necklace.
Chaya Nessa is Growing Up!
Chaya Nessa then learned how to needle and wet felt a necklace 
and also a large flower for her room.  They both turned out great.
Designing her pattern on plastic.
Needle and Wet Felting
Laying fleece on her pattern of batting.
Adding more fleece.
More fleece added.
Laying fleece reverse side.
Using a needle felting tool to attach the fibers.
Leaves are needed.
A flower needs a center.
Wet felting the leaves.
The flower pieces are finished.
My flower is finished.
I'm proud of my flower.
During this visit Yaakov Zev also enjoyed doing macrame.  He designed his 
own macrame piece that he brought to school for show and tell.  He also 
made two wonderful bracelets for his mom, one in pink and one in blue.
Chaya Nessa making bracelets.
Chaya Nessa hard at work.
Chaya Nessa  Using her Rainbow Loom.
Weaving on her Rainbow Loom.
Chaya Nessa loves creating on her Rainbow Loom.  I had a number of bags 
filled with numerous colors of small rubber bands that are used for creating 
bracelets, necklaces, etc. on this loom. I gave them to her and she had fun 
making bracelets.  She made a couple for me too.  I enjoy wearing them. 
Yaakov Zev loves badges.  His Grandpa Al gave him 
a couple of his badges that he enjoyed wearing.  
Drawing a bird on plastic.
Yaakov Zev showing his finished macrame piece.
Yaakov Zev made these two bracelets for his mother.
Each time they visit us Chaya Nessa and Yaakov Zev enjoy weaving on one 
of my looms.  This time Yaakov Zev had fun weaving on my floor inkle loom.
Chaya Nessa played songs on my keyboard and Yaakov Zev played the drums.
Yaakov Zev, Maurine (me) and Chaya Nessa - learning Macrame.