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Winter 2019-2020 ARTS AND CRAFTS 
On the second day of his visit I asked him if he would like to learn how to weave. He asked me if weaving was mechanical. I said “Yes”. 
I took him over to my floor inkle loom and showed him how to weave on it. He loved the rhythm of the weaving and wove for a while. 

I then took him over to my LeClerc Dorothy table loom and taught him how to follow the weaving pattern and weave on this loom. He 
was a natural.

The next day I taught him how to do macramé. He enjoyed making square knots and spirals. I was so proud of his ability to learn what 
I taught him so quickly. 

While he was visiting us we took him to the Nevada State Museum. My husband and his friend took him to a shooting range on another 
 day and I took him to the top of our development in Sun City Summerlin to see the beautiful scenery from a distance.

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Our grandson, Peter, came to visit us in Las Vegas from January 3-8, 2020. 
Peter weaving on Grandma's inkle loom. 
Putting the shuttle through the shed.
Peter, a happy inkle loom weaver.
Peter weaving on my Le Clerc Dorothy loom.
Peter enjoying weaving.
Close-up of Peter weaving.
Keeping a record of his pattern.
Beating the warp.
Pressing the levers to change the shed.
Close-up of weave.
Square knots.
Square knots and spirals.
Grandma Maurine teaching 
Grandson Peter how to do macrame.
Close-up of square knots.
Peter enjoying macrame.
Peter at the Nevada State Museum.
Peter at a shooting range - Jan 4, 2020.
Peter at Sun City Summerlin 
Pinnacle Club House.