I have been weaving for years.  Here are three photos of my 16 
harness- 60” width computerized Toika loom.  I can no longer crawl 
under a loom to tie up the foot treadles so I purchased this loom which 
just works with a sewing machine pedal and a laptop computer. I love it.
This Medico Le Clerc loom has a weaving width of 22” and has 8 harnesses on it.
I had threaded my Toika Loom and had started to weave 
on it.  My son and daughter-in-law, Bracha, came for a visit. 
My son, B.J., sat at my loom for the first time and wove, and 
wove and wove.  The scarf now belongs to him or maybe his 
wife.  If he didn’t say he wanted it I would have cut it up and 
made clothes for another doll.

This is a photo of Bracha  wearing the scarf. 
This is a closeup of Bracha wearing the scarf.
The pattern for this pink and tan 
color and weave scarf comes 
from ”A Weaver’s Book of 8 
Shaft Patterns”, Edited by Carol 
Strickler, pattern number 67. 
This is another weave on my Toika loom.
On my 8 harness – 15” width Le Clerc Voyager loom I am weaving a design 
with bears, pine trees and hearts.  This will become clothing for a doll.
I am weaving an overshot weave on my 15” width 4 harness Le Clerc Dorothy loom.
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