North West Weavers Study Group of Las Vegas
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June 5, 2009
Audrey Strehlow holding 
her woven sampler
Audrey's woven sampler
Reverse side of Audrey's woven sampler 
We decided to select the pattern "Warp-and Weft-Faced Lampas", pages 101-103 from 
the book "The Best of  Weaver's - Thick 'n Thin" edited by Madelyn van der Hoogt.  
These are the samples that we made from this  pattern.
Maurine Adrezin holding her woven sampler
 Bill Quill's woven 
sampler - reverse side
Bill Quill's 
woven sampler
Bill Quill is holding his woven sampler.
Maurine's woven sampler
Maurine's woven sampler -  reverse side
Maurine's sampler of little figures
Maurine's sampler - Eventually this sampler will be the clothing for one of the dolls that I will make.
Jan Flores holding her woven sampler
Reverse side of Jan's woven sampler