North West Weavers Study Group of Las Vegas
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August 29, 2009
Our Study Group met on Saturday August 29, 2009 at my home.  We decided 
that we wanted to try to weave with our cards also called tablets on our inkle 
looms.  Jan Flores, Audrey Strehlow, Holli Barber and me, Maurine Adrezin 
were at my home. 
Audrey is discussing the pattern with us that she is weaving on her table loom.
Audrey Strehlow's design which she created by learning the 
technique from Nancy M. Searles "The Technique of Freeform Design".
Audrey Strehlow, left, and Holli Barber are discussing 
Audrey's weaving project that we did before the summer.
Holli Barber and Jan Flores are busy creating on their looms.
Jan Flores is card or tablet weaving on her inkle loom.
Maurine Adrezin is card / tablet weaving on her two inkle looms.
Maurine's two inkle looms showing the cards or tablets.
Closeup of Maurine's two inkle looms.