North West Weavers Study Group of Las Vegas
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June 5, 2010
These are pictures from our June 5, 2010 N.W. Weavers Study Group of Las Vegas.
From left to right - Carole Le Fevre, Holli Barber, Jan Flores, Elaine Eggink, 
Audrey Strrehlow, Maurine Adrezin (me), Marnie Magner and Marilyn MacMurtrie
Audrey Strehlow weaving on her inkle loom
Close-up of Audrey's inkle weaving
Carole LeFevre- Getting ready 
to weave on her inkle loom
Holli Barber - Her cards or tablets 
are all lined up for her weaving
Elaine Eggink's first woven piece
Close-up of Jan Flores' card weaving
Marilyn MacMurtrie is card weaving
Marnie Magner weaving on her tapestry loom