My name is Maurine Adrezin.  I live in Las Vegas, Nevada with 
my husband, Allen.  We have three married children and six 
grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren.
     Since I was very young, I have enjoyed the fiberarts:  weaving, 
macramé, sewing, embroidery, crewel, machine knitting and 
     I made my first cloth doll and mohair teddy bear while living in 
Melbourne, Australia.  When I returned to America I continued 
making cloth dolls and teddy bears.  I took numerous on-line 
classes and attended workshops to learn different techniques and 
have won many blue ribbons for my dolls.  I also developed a love 
of both needle and wet felting.  I now design my own dolls and 
weave the fabric for their clothes.
     I have been awarded the honor of being selected as a Juried 
member of the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen.  I belong to the 
"Las Vegas Silver Doll-er Doll Club", the "Southern Nevada 
Weavers and Spinner's Guild, Inc" also called the "Las Vegas Fiber 
Arts Guild", "Frances Irwin Handweavers" and the "Complex 
Weavers".  I have been published in "Soft Dolls and Animals", "500 
Handmade Dolls". "Art Doll Quarterly", "Doll Crafter and Costuming" 
and "Handwoven Magazine" as well as several newpapers. 
     I'm the Program Coordinator for the "Las Vegas Fiber Arts 
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     I have been  designing  my  own  patterns  and  have  been  teaching  cloth  dollmaking.   Most  of  these 
classes incorporate simple  weaving techniques.   On the following pages are some of the dolls and bears that 
I have made, the fabrics that I have woven, and the projects that I've done with my grandchildren.

     I hope you enjoy looking at them. 

August 26,  2022
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