November 20-22, 2015
Janet - Introduction to Weaving
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Credit Page - see things from other people used to create this site
Janet really enjoyed taking this class.  She had woven before but said that she needed a refresher class to review how to wind her warp, warp her loom and a review on understanding the different weave structures.

She did a fantastic job on her sampler.  I was so proud of the weaving that she did.  

Below are pictures of her and her step-by-step weaving. 
Winding the warp on the warping board.
Love choosing my colors for the warp.
Warp is wound - the cross looks great.
The cross is tied and I'm ready to take my warp off the warping board.
Four beautiful colors for my warp.
Looking great.
The warp is ready to attach to the back of the loom.
The lease sticks are put into the cross.
The warp is attached to a dowel and metal rod on the back of the loom.
Paper is rolled in to separate the warp.
Making progress.
Counting the heddles before the loom is threaded.
Threading the heddles to form a pattern.
Heddles are all threaded.
The back of the loom.
A happy weaver.
Threading the reed.
The reed is all threaded.
Tying the warp onto the front beam.
Looking good.
Weaving has begun.
Beginning of the sampler.
Winding the bobbin.
Ready to beat down the fabric with the reed.
Janet and Hannah weaving.
Progress being made.
More samples woven.
Each sample is different.
Janet wearing her finished sampler as a scarf for the picture.
Janet holding her finished sampler - Side 1.
Janet's finsihed sampler - Side 2.