May 7, 2017, July 8 and 15 and December 28, 2018 
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Credit Page - see things from other people used to create this site
I've taught seven children so far from the Schanowitz family. They came during their school vacation. Their ages ranged from 3 years old to 14 years old. They came to my home at different times. When their father brought the three older girls to my home - ages 10, 12 and 14 and came back to pick them up he had two or three of his young sons with him. Looking around my home they shouted out "I want to make this, I want to make that, so three of them came back to learn from me at a future time. They were ages 3, 7 and 9.  Some did needle felted dolls and others did weaving.  They came on May 7, 2017, July 8, 2018, July 15, 2018 and December 28, 2018.

All seven of these children were wonderful to teach. I told them they are always welcome at my home.
Rivkah, Chana and Shaina holding the heads for their dolls.
The first class began on May 5, 2017
Making rya knots on their doll's dresses.
Rivkah working on her doll's dress.
Three sisters and their doll's. 
Left to right - Rivkah, Chana, Shaina's dolls.
The second class was on July 8, 2018
Chana and Shaina - Preparing their fleece for needle felting.
<  >
Arranging their fleece on the doll's bodies.
Happy students.
Yaakov picking his fleece colors.
Yaakov is pushing down his needle felting tool .
Patience is important.
Shaina - Beautiful needle felted dress for her doll.
A happy needle felting artist.
Close-up of her doll's striped dress.
Chana holding her dressed doll.
Yaakov is holding his dressed doll's body.
Now Yaakov's doll has a head.
Two sisters and one brother - 3 wonderful artists.
The third class was on July 15, 2018
Three beginning weavers.
Esti - Age 5.
Moshe age 3 and Shneur - Age 7.
Esti, Maurine the teacher, Moshe, and Shneur.
Esti is making wonderful progress with her weaving.
She cut her weft strand 
 for her weaving.
A very happy weaver.
Shneur has been designing his own weaving.
A very happy weaver.
The last class was on December 28, 2018
Chana and Shaina, working on their dolls - From left to right.
Chana working on her doll.
Esti and Shneur weaving - From left to right.
Shneur weaving.
Yaakov, Maurine (Instructor) and Chana - From left to right.
Yaakov - needle felting the hair on his doll.
Shneur finishing his weaving.
Shaina and Esti - Left to right.
Close-up of Esti and her weaving.
Chana holding her beautiful doll - Age 13.
Shaina holding her wonderful doll - Age 11.
Yaakov - Age 9.
Yaakov - a proud artist.
Shneur and his wonderful 
weaving - Age 7.
Esti holding her beautiful weaving - Age 5.
Five very talented Schanowitz children.