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Credit Page - see things from other people used to create this site
November 29, 30, December 1, 2019
Belinda & Lori - "Block Weave" Class
Lori Zajac saw a sampler that I had created and wanted to make one too. We took one of my weaving books, “Handweaver’s Pattern Directory” by Anne Dixon and picked three weaves from the book. They were:  

1 - “Overshot Annabel” - Page 114 - Patterns 1,2,3. 
2 - “Monk’s Belt” - Page 98 - Patterns 1,2,3
3 - “Crackle” – Page 133 – Patterns 1,2,3

Belinda McClellan saw my sampler and wanted to take this class along with Lori. They had both taken classes with me before. The class was planned and they both wove beautiful samplers.  
Lori winding her warp on my warping board.
Lori is counting her warp.
Lori's warp on warping board.
< - >
Lori tying the cross.
Close-up of the cross.
Lori ready to take her warp off the warping board.
Warp is off the warping board and in a chain.
Lori putting the warp through 
the raddle to space it out.
Lori's lease sticks are in the 
cross at the back of the loom.
Lori straightening out her warp.
Lori - A happy weaver.
Lori threading the heddles - front view.
Back view of Lori threading the heddles.
Lori and the back of her loom.
Lori tying the warp onto the front of the loom.
Lori weaving in waste yarn.
Lori's shuttle goes through the shed.
Lori's 1st woven pattern.
Lori and her loom.
Lori's 2nd pattern.
Lori winding the bobbin.
Great progress. 
Lori's 3rd pattern.
Lori's 4th pattern.
Lori's 5th pattern - Beautiful weaving.
Lori's finished sampler - Side 1.
Lori's finished sampler - Side 2.
Belinda threading the reed.
Reed is almost all threaded.
Getting ready to tie warp onto front of loom.
Belinda's 1st pattern.
Belinda's first pattern - side view.
Pattern #2.
Pattern #3.
Pattern #4.
Belinda is winding her bobbin.
Belinda - A happy student.
Belinda at her loom.
Belinda - the weaver.
Belinda at her loom.
Belinda's finished sampler - Side 1.
Belinda's finished sampler - Side 2.
Lori and Belinda.