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2005:   Chaya Nessa, age 2, loves to paint.
2005:   Chaya Nessa is stringing her beads.
2005:   Chaya Nessa is getting ready to make a necklace.
Summer2006:   Chaya Nessa, age 3, loves to color.
Summer 2006:  Just like grandma, Devorah, age 10, loves to weave on her peg loom.
Summer 2006:  Summer 2006:  Devorah 
is almost finished weaving her tapestry.
The tapestry is completed.  This is the right side.
This is the wrong side of the tapestry.  It looks great also.
Summer 2006:  Devorah loves to needle felt. She is making a gnome.
Her gnome in progress.
Devorah’s gnome 
is almost finished.
Devorah’s finished gnome.  It looks like an Indian woman.
Summer 2006:  Besides weaving and felting, I taught Devorah to do counted cross-stitch.
Summer 2005:  Devorah, age 9, just finished embellishing a pocket book with puffed paints.  She is standing next to Chaya Nessa who is wearing her completed necklace.
Summer 2006:  Gedalya enjoys using his palm pilot.  Somehow children understand how to use these gadgets.
Summer 2006:  Gedalya loves working on his computer.
Summer 2006:   Gedalya, age 13, is very musical.  He loves to play the drums.
Summer 2006:   Gedalya is an excellent photographer.
Summer 2006:  Yaakov Zev – my newest grandson at 7 months old.
Summer 2006:  Chaya Nessa, age 3 and her new brother, Yaakov Zev, age 7 months.